Thursday, June 09, 2005

"The Good Euthanasia Guide"

Read this new desk reference book by Derek Humphry if you care about what will happen to you when you reach life's end. By the author of the bestseller
'Final Exit'
, this new book is more of a 'where-to' than a 'how-to'.

Includes a chronology of right-to-die events, a filmography going back to 1924, a bibliography, FAQs, and listings of all choice in dying organizations in the world, and much more info.

Updated 'Good Euthanasia Guide' just published. June 2005. Paperback. $14.00 US Plus $3 shipping; ($8 overseas.)

This book can be downloaded if you don't want a print copy.

Monday, June 06, 2005

World news on euthanasia

The June issue of the 'World Right to Die Newsletter' can be read, article by article, at this web site

The newsletter reports on the censorship battle in Australia, the Terri Schiavo rumpus in America, parliamentary developments in Britain, the Swiss situation, and much more.

Editor: Faye Girsh; assistant editor, Derek Humphry.