Monday, January 16, 2006

Versions of 'Final Exit'

I am getting international inquiries currently as to which languages the book 'Final Exit' is now available. When it was a national bestseller in l991-92 it appeared in 12 languages but today it is confined to three (all paperbacks):

1. ENGLISH. Random House, "Final Exit New York. Delta Trade Paperback. $15. Title: "Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying" ISBN 0385336535. (2002 3rd edition, with Addendum 2005 available from ERGO)

2. ITALIAN. Eleuthera, Milan. Title: "Eutanasia: Uscita Di Sicurezza,Istruzioni per l'uso" ISBN 8885861253. (New edition 2005)

3. SPANISH. Tusquets, Barcelona. "El Ultimo Recurso: Cuestiones practicas sobre autoliberacion y suicidio asistido para moribundos." ISBN 8472235009.

These books may not be on all bookstore shelves, but they can be ORDERED from any bookstore in the world. ERGO is unable to sell directly to customers the Italian and Spanish editions.

When 'Final Exit' appeared in a French translation as "Exit Final" it was immediately banned by government order, and remains so. On its appearance in Australia and New Zealand in l992 it was immediately banned by the censorship boards in those countries. But on appeal they relented and allowed it to be sold publicly.

There is now a DVD video based on the book. DVD title, "Final Exit on DVD: The Art of Self-Deliverance From a Terminal Illness" US$20. From ERGO store; not yet in bookstores. ISBN 9780976828303.
Derek Humphry


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