Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Which method of rational suicide

I was greatly impressed by the honesty and good taste of the documentary 'The Self-Made Man" on P O V on PBS TV on July 26. (It has still to be shown on some PBS stations.)
But I was saddened to see the violent way -- a gun -- that Bob Stern used. And in full view by his son.
True, it is the most popular method of suicide by American men. But there are other, non-violent, bloodless ways of rational suicide which are (sorry about the plug) detailed in my book 'Final Exit' which, since l991, has helped thousands of suffering people end their lives peacefully, painlessly, and in the the presence of their loved ones.
With a gun, it cannot be done in the presence of others, and some unlucky person has to clear up the mess. With lethal drugs or helium gas as the escape route it is much more aesthetic and acceptable.
Nevertheless, Bob Stern had the undoubted moral right to bring his life to an end in the manner of his own choosing, though it would not be mine. A most important film about 'choice'.
-----------Derek Humphry
Founder of the original Hemlock Society 1980 (dissolved 2003). Author of 'Final Exit' book, sold worldwide by Random House in paperback.


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