Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Auto-euthanasia is available


For years, disposable helium canisters for inflating party balloons were only available in the USA, Canada and Mexico. No longer.

There is NOW first hand evidence that such equipment is available commercially --- usually in toy stores or party celebration stores/shops -- in Germany, the British Isles and Australia. Probably other nations as well. Call local store/shops to find out.

The use of inert gas for self-deliverance from a terminal or hopeless illness is now available virtually worldwide. I estimate several hundred adult persons in North America have used this method. This type of gas inside a plastic bag produces coma in seconds and brain death in several minutes. It is not suffocation.

How inert gases -- helium, nitrogen, argon -- can be used for hastening one's own death is outlined in "Final Exit" 3rd edition paperback, and refined and clarified in the new
"Addendum to Final Exit". Illustrations included.

The inert gas method can be carried out solely by the 'patient' and need not involve any other person in the possible felony of 'assisted suicide.' Doctors and nurses need not be present. Your 'best friend' can be safely in the same room. But the technique does require some simple planning and testing. And, of course, forethought about the significance to others.

Afterwards, the equipment is simply thrown in a trash dumpster.

For extensive further information, please visit this site:

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