Sunday, November 20, 2005

Kevorkian 3rd plea for freedom

Press ReleaseSource: Attorney Mayer Morganroth

Noted Attorney Asks Compassion for 'Dr. Jack'
Saturday November 19, 12:43 pm ET

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorney Mayer Morganroth is asking Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to grant a pardon and/or commutation of sentence for Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

"Dr. Jack has served more than six and a half years in prison for an offense that not one other doctor in the entire United States has ever spent one day in prison for," Morganroth said.

Morganroth filed application asking the Michigan Parole Board to immediately forward the request to the governor who has the ultimate say in the matter.

Dr. Kevorkian is scheduled for release in June of 2007, a date, Morganroth says, Kevorkian may never see.

"The man is in dire shape," Morganroth explained. " Prison has deteriorated him almost to the point of no return. Jack is suffering from dangerously high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, temporal arteritis, peripheral arthritis, adrenal insufficiency, chronic pulmonary obstruction disease and cataracts. On top of all that, his Hepatitis C (which Jack contracted in Vietnam testing transfusions given to American soldier) is sapping him of what little energy he has left."

Morganroth said a recent MSNBC national poll showed that 88 percent of the people that participated believe Kevorkian should be freed. "It would be a most compassionate act for Governor Granholm to order Jack's release," Morganroth said " especially during the holiday season."

According to Morganroth, Kevorkian is so frail that simply walking is dangerous. "He's fallen twice, fracturing two ribs and injuring his wrist," Morganroth said. "Kevorkian also suffers from diplopia, vertigo, dysphasgia, headaches, and osteoporosis."

"Look, Jack is not a ogre. He's a doctor who has helped a lot of needy people over the years. The courts said he made a mistake, so be it, he's paid for that mistake with six and a half years of his life in prison. He's 77 years-old now, and it's time to let the man die with some dignity by being free." (Source: Attorney Mayer Morganroth)


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