Monday, February 14, 2005

Addendum to book 'Final Exit'

A new, illustrated Addendum to the 3rd edition of the book "Final Exit". Only available as an eBook/PDF download ($5 US) through the ERGO-Store.

New purchases of Final Exit, 3rd edition paperback from the ERGO-Store includes the Addendum at no extra charge. Addendum is not available in bookstores.

--Derek Humphry


Blogger TX tumor said...

The store (and your entire website) is not accessible today.

I'd like to read more about the offerings.

5:04 PM, February 15, 2005  
Blogger derek_humphry said...

The FinalExit website and the ERGO-Store has been up without interruption. If you're not able to access then some sort of network connectivity or blocking issue is keeping you from accessing the website.

Please email and we'll help troubleshoot your issue.

ERGO-Store Support

11:05 PM, February 19, 2005  

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